Love is Fulfillment

Thursday, March 2, 2023

From Turn Within To Love     

Chapter 64    Love Is Fulfillment

Carry with you my undying love. Love is of such importance to you, that it is like unto your very breath there. Love has within it, healing on all levels. Love carries the movement of the Father within itself and identifies as that which unfolds to you your divinity. Love withholds nothing and gives to you a vision of fulfillment there. For love, in its glory, is fulfillment as you embrace the very nature of whom you are. 

What a wonderful thing to know that love is who you are and what a marvelous experience to radiate that love as you connect with your Source. Now this is powerful in its implications for you for it unfolds to you how to live and how to move as a connected being always. 

The dynamic of love is beyond words in its ability to set things right, smooth the path, and unfold the glory of life. It gives the vision that propels you onward and upward, always moving with integrity and with the well-being of everyone as its motive. Love, the very nature of your Source, is what now will provide the next steps for you there. For it safeguards the mission and surrounds you with a clear way forward. It is as you step into the light of living love there in the silence, that you will allow for your direct connection to your Source to be experienced. 

You are not alone there, dear one, truly, you are not alone there ever. Let in and allow, for indeed, we are One. Let this simple chapter on love be read many times and may the truth given here penetrate into your heart and mind, releasing your love and the truth of whom and what you are. Never alone there, dear one, truly never alone. 

God’s Meaning is Love

There is no way to measure,

Love from God to you,

Endless is this treasure,

God’s meaning coming through. 

This love it has a function,

Not static nor obscure,

It seeks to bring renewal,

All maladies to cure. 

It’s not just a good feeling, 

Not just a tender glow, 

Its power beyond measure, 

Its function to bestow,

Healing and redemption, 

Fulfilling every need,

Love’s God’s meaning manifest,

It’s who we are, indeed!

It brings forth transformation,

Renewing, ’twill not cease, 

Power beyond imagination,

Yet moves in endless peace. 

It’s substantive within us,

Its energy makes right,

Life itself its gift there,

It brings such joy, and light. 

Love is your very center,

I’m standing at the door,

Ready to pour forth this power,

To love you evermore.

Find peace then ask Me in, dear,

Find love you’ve never known,

A relationship of light, dear, 

At last, no more, alone. 


03/02/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this site.