Plain Words

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Plain Words

Let’s write a poem relatable,

Plain words, they’re down to earth,

Let’s share what’s understandable,

Let’s flavor it with mirth. 

Though love’s a serious subject,

It has its funny side, 

We’ve been known to laugh a lot,

Sometimes, until we’ve cried!  

Our relationship, to flourish,

Is not a sometime deal,

Always with each other,

As One, we find what’s real.

When waking up each morning,

Turn within to Me, 

Let’s start the day together,

As One, joy-filled, we’ll be. 

We’re intertwined completely,

Joined as One, we’ve grown,

Isolation’s gone, dear,

You never are alone.

We’ll walk and talk together,

We’ll laugh and smile each day, 

Easily we’ll overcome,

The bumps along the way.

Don’t view Me as “above” you,

Someone to kneel down to,

Honoring Me means seeing Me,

As your dear Friend, so true. 

I know the human condition,

I lived on Earth like you,

I understand your needs, dear,

I “get you” through and through. 

So as we live together,

Call on Me, your Friend,

Plain words are that I love you,

Always, without end! 

03/09/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others about this website.