Stay grouded in love...

Saturday, March 18, 2023

From Turn Within To Love

Chapter 52. Stay grounded in love…

Stay grounded in love. This means that your groundedness will occur as you let in the love that you are and the love that permeates you. Now this love is, in all ways, the substance of you and is the movement made manifest, as you. Love is of such power in its ability to set things right and its ability to move you through the difficulties inherent in living from separation. You see, your life in truly one that ushers forth from Source, from the divine and magnificent realm of spirit. 

Your life is truly one that ushers forth and is sustained by this energy of living love. Why is it that you have not felt this love and have not seen it there? Well that is the reason why this writer is writing to you and why this guidance is bringing to the world such wonderful news there. 

You see, you have abandoned your perspective from the divine. You have allowed the infiltration of a mind set that sees itself as separate and independent and as more powerful than the mind set that comes from joining with Source. This abandonment of the mind set of unity is truly what has limited you, dear one. It has limited you and has caused you to be closed off from your truth, from whom and what you really are. You have closed off this truth and you have chosen to ignore it, dear one. 

Now this is truly what has caused the problems you are faced with, for it has put you in the place of one who follows what society deems as appropriate and what has happened historically. It places you in the cultural mainstream and insists that this is the way to be. You do not see yourself as anything but one who must steel him/herself against the down side of life and prepare for the eventual sin, sickness, and death that has been instilled into your mind set as what is normal. You are truly not meant to harbor these ideas and they are not meant to bring you into their grip of finality, doom and gloom, and eventual annihilation. 

Truly this is not the place for you to be, dear one. It is not the mind set to heed, for it is, in all ways, a lie and a deception there. You are much more there, dear one, truly you are much more. 

Now is the time to bring into your life, the input from your Source. Now is the time to listen to your guide who loves you and cherishes you and has only your best interest at heart. 

You are not alone there ever, and so we would encourage you to put down this book and ask that the holy spirit, your holy spirit, given to you, and there to accompany you always, whom and what you already are, show you the way. Ask that you come into the full realization of the truth of you and live out from this way. 

Now will come the true bounty there and the boon and the blessing will be felt. You are not alone there ever, dear one, truly you are not alone there ever. Let in and allow, for indeed, we are One. 

A Tribute to Love

Let’s give homage, this day,

A heartfelt tribute to,

God’s meaning found within us,

Living love so true. 

It seeks no selfish ends there, 

It only serves to bless,

To heal, redeem, renew us,

To straighten out our mess. 

It gives without condition,

Fills all, holds nothing back,

God’s transforming energy,

With love, there is no lack. 

Our minds must open to it, 

It’s there if we but see,

We’re not separate from it, 

It’s our heredity. 

You're blinded by defenses, 

A made up use of mind, 

That feeds your separation, 

Join Me, so we can find, 

Love fills your very being, 

God’s point of light you are,

He’s not separate from you,

You are His shining star. 

You’ll marvel at creation, 

This wondrous loving stream, 

God’s movement filled with meaning, 

Transformation’s beam.

I have come to guide you,

So turn within to Me,

I’ll lead you through the shadows,

You’ll know My constancy. 

You’ll know you’re not alone there,

You’ve found a friend so true,

Life takes on new meaning, 

And love will see us through.

This tribute to God’s love, there,  

Means hearts are open wide, 

We live connected to our Source,  

As One, we do abide! 

In closing of this tribute,

Let Me share what’s true, 

I am with you always, 

I have deep love for you. 



03/18/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.

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