Taking stock of what has been said...

Sunday, March 26, 2023

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 55    Taking stock of what has been said…

As we continue on with this book it is necessary to take stock of what has been said so that you can feel into the truth of things and understand the meaning that is given here. 

The book tells us that we are first and foremost, connected to our Source and that this Source knows that which is its own. We are told that we have a guide who accompanies us always and who has as his/her best interest what would awaken you to the truth of whom and what you are. You are given a way to know the truth of life and a way to access the bounty that is readily available for you there. 

The principle of “ever unfolding anew” is given and it is felt as ongoing and pressing to release you from the confines of conditioned expectations in your life. Your guidance is there to help you each step of the way and this guidance is accessed in Mind as you quiet your conditioned thinking. 

The life-changing and far-reaching perspective that is gained and the “knowing” mind set that will move you forward is experienced. Now will come radical shifting there and the horizon will expand and move you toward what would have been unthinkable in your life without guidance. 

You will realize that what unfolds cannot be taken credit for as what you as a separated self could do, for the movement is so perfect and often so unexpected there. The time to open to receive this guidance is now and the time to reaffirm anew what was lost but now is found is there. You are never alone as you live and truly you are met with the ongoing love of your Source, always. Let in and allow for indeed, we are One. 

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected,

Find joy in what is new,

Love brings forth the answers, 

Meets every need for you. 

The answers to your needs there, 

So practical, so true,

Far exceed what’s typical,

Perfection coming through.

I’ve told you that it’s love, dear,

God’s love provides the way,

Beyond what you’d expected,

A bountiful display!

Gratitude is felt there, 

With joy, our hearts embrace, 

We share as One, exuberance,  

Delighting in His grace.

You listen even more now,

For God has plans for you,

Your mission to complete, dear,

Before your time is through. 

Expect the unexpected,

In what you now will give,

The time of full devotion, 

Is now, how you will live. 

I’m with you all the way, dear,

Alone, you’ll not proceed,

We’ll give the gift together,

As One, we’ll meet the need.

I love you and am with you,

Each moment of each day, 

Expect the unexpected, dear,

God’s love will light our way. 


03/26/23. Given from Jesus, Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.