Teaching on Trust

Thursday, March 30, 2023

From Turn Within to Love

Chapter  60      Teaching on Trust

Move forward with assurance that you are involved in a mighty gifting. Now what is called for on a constant basis is trust, for it is necessary that you move forward without the constant reinforcement of others there. 

There will be times that you question what is transpiring and question the wise and practical way life unfolds. For you will be asked to go out on a limb and you will be given guidance that has you questioning, ‘Why, Why?’ 

Now will come the great forward movement as you do so follow and as you do so listen to what is being given to you. How will you move forward? It is as you constantly turn inward and ask for guidance and for reassurance and for the companionship that will make your movement seem doable and enjoyable. 

Now the call is to trust, dear one, and the call is to ask of me often, “Are You there, Lord? Are you there for me? Am I on track here? Is this what is needed ?”

Then the necessity of listening and following is there. We are with you as you live and we see you as you move forward. You are not alone as you live, for indeed, we are One there. 

Let this teaching on trust bring you into a movement where you will join with me and carry the confidence of inner guidance as the way forward there. You are never alone, dear one, truly you are never alone. 

Let us close this chapter by declaring my love for you and for what you are involved in. Let me declare the importance of what is unfolding and let me declare our eternal joining there. Never alone and never without help . I love you there always and that is the truth. 

Trust in the Unfolding

Trust that the unfolding,

Is not a random thing,

But truly’s from your Maker, 

Great blessings it will bring. 

It’s in accord with mission,

The gift you have to give,

Will make the way much clearer,

In how you now will live.

It may be very different,

Than what you thought it’d be,

But you will know for certain, 

That It’s your destiny. 

The movement that unfolds, dear,

That guidance will provide, 

Takes into consideration,

Its impact far and wide.

 Because we’re all connected,

 With Universal Mind as One,

 Following where love leadeth,

Is how God’s Will is done.  

So that is why I tell you,

Stay tuned, in touch with Me,

What you do is crucial,  

Affects the Entirety. 

‘Twill be no guessing game, dear,

You’ll know with certainty, 

We’ll move ahead sure-footed,

And hand in hand we’ll be.

Soon you’ll know next steps, dear,

Though patience’s still called for,

The answer is forthcoming,

In peace, stay at love’s door. 

Your Gift it will be given,

Your mission there, soon done,

You’ve lived your life with Me, dear,

Awakened to the One.

One Movement of our Father,

One Spirit life we live,

One Love pervades the All of us,

Meant for All to give.


03/30/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others about this website.