The Way Made Plain

Friday, March 10, 2023

From Turn Within To Love

Chapter 65.    The Way Made plain

There is ample evidence that your life is truly that which emanates from Source there. This evidence is based on the willingness to align yourself with the mind set of intention to hear from inner guidance and to stick with this until you are in connection and find the true and valuable resource there for you. 

As you do this, the evidence of inner guidance is verified again and again. Your life will be changed and your way of moving forward will have been brought into the movement your Source would have for you. 

We are actively working with you there, and we are ready to bring to you, guidance of the most wonderful kind. For the guidance we will give you is based on the truth of whom and what you are and will show you how your false sense of self has insinuated itself into your mind set and has been a false and erroneous way of living life. Your way of living life has been based on what you have been taught to understand as true there and has been reinforced by your culture and your separated sense of self which has protection and defense as its motive there. 

We are actively engaged in showing you how this false sense of self has led you astray into the way of haphazard and “ that’s the way the ball bounces” kind of life. Now this does not mean that you have not had some success there, nor does it mean that you have been without happiness at times, but the randomness and the fear and guilt that is generated by living out from this way is truly overshadowing the joy that could be yours as you do so come into connection there. 

We are working with you and we are earnestly attempting to get you to show a little willingness to open to inner guidance. Here you will access your guide, the Holy Spirit, Me, Jesus, God, the spiritual dimension, that has only your best interest at heart. Here, you will find such verification that you are in connection and that you are joined, that you will no longer seek answers without consulting inner guidance. You are not alone there ever, dear one, and you are not without our continued efforts to awaken you to the truth of you, that you are a part of the Wholeness that is your Creator and you could never be separate from this. 

As you explore inner guidance, and as you find that time and time again you are given perfect next steps, you will not want for anything else there. Here is the answer and here is the way made plain. I am with you there and I will not leave you to weather the storms of life and to feel the pain and isolation of disconnection. You are never alone there, dear one, truly you are never alone. Let this teaching on inner guidance move you into that still place within where you ask for your guidance to make itself known to you, and may you find that love which is there always. 

The Way Made Plain

When a problem seems to overwhelm,

No answer yet, is clear,

Stay open for my guidance,

The forward way is near.

You’ve brought the problem to me,

I see more there than you,

The answer is forthcoming, 

Trust that it’s coming through. 

And when it comes, you’ll marvel,

The problem, now resolved,

For what had seemed impossible, 

Has easily been solved.

Each problem has an answer,

And clarity you’ll find, 

As we join together, 

With living love in Mind.

Love is the answer giver,

Its light will point the way,

It is God’s very meaning,

His Will made plain each day. 

Let not your heart be troubled, 

Abandon fear and fret, 

Abundantly God giveth, 

All needs, for you, are met.

Rest assured, I’m with you, 

What comes, as One, we’ll face,

Your problems, needs, and wants, there,

Are gone, with love’s embrace.

Your trust is really called for,

Yes, child-like it’s true, 

Yet trust’s the greatest wisdom,

Remember, I’m with you. 

Let’s close this poem with joy, dear,

The way ahead looks bright, 

God holds us in His keeping, 

And living love’s our light. 


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