Waiting For An Answer

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Waiting for an Answer

We’re waiting for your message,

What’s unfolding, coming true?

Because we love you dearly,

We long to hear from you. 

Did the funds come through there?

Did you find a place to stay?

Did your house go on the market?

Are you and Sue, Okay? 

Do you feel let down there?

Wondering what to do? 

We tell you that no matter what,

Our love envelopes you! 

You’ve been our dearest teacher,

You’ve let Jesus Voice come through,

You’ve listened and you’ve taught us,

We’ve learned so much from you! 

We know that what unfolds, Paul,

Is God’s will come true,

In the biggest picture,

Will impact more than you. 

This poem’s to let you know, Paul,

We love and honor you, 

We’re waiting for an answer, 

When the Voice for Truth comes through. 

Yes, patience is a virtue,

So we’ll wait patiently,

Don’t view this poem as pressure,

Love’s what it’s meant to be. 

3/25/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for sharing this website with others. 

(Poem for Paul/RAJ, Teacher, Mentor, Friend. NWFACIM Founder)