Waiting For Inspiration

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Waiting For Inspiration

I’m waiting for inspiration Lord,

Waiting to hear your word,

Nothing seems forthcoming, 

No guided words are heard.

Has the well run dry, Lord?

Have we said it all?

Is it time for poems to end?

I hope that’s not the call! 

Let’s go have some cocoa, dear, 

You're straining willfully,

Trying to make it happen,

Instead,  listen willingly. 

Let’s go and just relax a bit, 

Trying hard won’t do,

Be at peace to open up,

To hear My words come through. 

Let’s walk around the yard, dear,

Hear the crunching snow,

See the clouds so silver grey,

The sky, its winter’s glow. 

Let’s listen to some music,

That lovely hymn of peace,

The choir that you love so well,

Your calmness will increase.

Even as we take a pause,

I’m still right here, it’s true, 

We’re together always,

Never alone are you. 

The poems, they will return, dear, 

They open up the heart, 

Decrease the sense of loneliness, 

And truth, they do impart. 

So continue on with writing, 

Just listen willingly,

I’ll tell you what to write, dear, 

Just keep your trust in Me. 

03/07/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others about this website.