Intention to Listen

Saturday, April 1, 2023

From Turn Within to Love

Chapter 61    Intention to listen…

Move forward with the intention to listen always. Now the ego in its subtle and persistent way will try to undermine your listening, for it is interested in maintaining the status quo and is not easily distracted from its goal of undermining your turning inward. Now you are in a place where you know that listening is truly where the unfolding of newness, the way forward is occurring there and you know that only as you do turn inward can the way forward be known. 

It is truly as you listen with intention to what is given you and then following what is given to you that the forward movement will occur. We cannot force anything on you, dear one, truly we cannot force anything on you ever. You must come willingly there and you must come with an openness to hear and desire to follow. It is truly not difficult, nor is it without the solid feeling of being ‘right-on’ there. For you will find the feeling of direct purpose and mission as you do so listen and follow. You are not alone there ever, and you needn’t feel that the mind set of joining will isolate you from others. We can tell you that you will find the connection to others greater and deeper as you allow for your mind set of the joined perspective to be heard and experienced. 

You have been given a mission and you have been given the knowhow and the can-do of it. You have been given the wherewithal to carry on and the place of finding next steps there. And so, there truly is no other thing that can give you any meaning there. There truly is no other way that will prove as meaningful and as purposeful to you. 

All else will be based on judgement from the conditioning you have been exposed to through many lifetimes there. Sooner or later the hollowness of following this conditioned way will be made plain to you, and you will let it go easily as the nothingness that it is. Now the gifts of love that you have engaged in are there to be looked on as real and these will markedly increase as you listen for guidance there. 

For being a loving presence in the world is the mission you were called to, each in his or her way, as given from Source. All love ushers forth from Source and is truly the substance of whom you are. All things and all others, all is this love and love’s purpose is to set things right, bring harmony out of chaos, and smooth the way for awakening to the truth of itself there. 

This chapter has meaning for you and it is worth reading again, dear one, for it has within the text all the steps necessary for you to move forward and to feel into the purpose of your life. Nothing here is misleading and nothing here has anything but your best interest at heart. We are One, you and I, truly we are One. 

I’m Calling You to Listen

I’m calling you to listen,

To what I have to say,

To listen and to follow, 

Each moment of each day. 

Listen with intention, 

So you can plainly hear,

The truth that is My Voice there, 

God’s Will for you so clear.

Know you’re hearing truth there,  

You, with God, are One, 

This is your true identity,

Each daughter and each son. 

I’m calling you to listen, 

Let go of ego’s bind,

Join as One with Me, there, 

Join your Transcendent Mind. 

This Mind of God your Wholeness,

Brings living love to you,

God’s meaning with its function, 

To constantly renew.

To heal, redeem, transform, there,

To make all things as new,

Living love as you there,

God’s meaning coming through. 

I cannot do it for you,

Truly you must choose,

Choose who you really are, dear,

Falsehood’s what you’ll loose.

I’m calling you to listen.

Not just for you or Me, 

All others will reap the benefit,

You’ll lighten density. 

I wait with open arms there, 

Our journey to begin,

There is no time like now, dear,

Find peace and ask Me in. 

The closure of this poem, dear,

Mark’s  the beginning time, 

When you now come to Me, there,

And joy we find sublime! 


04/01/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.