~ So That You May Know ~

These are written

From ONE Who Loves You

Website Building Application

   As given to

   The Listening Scribe

You are invited to experience the ongoing ever-present availability of your inner guidance.

This website has as its purpose, bringing you into connection with the Greater Wholeness of whom you are and sharing with you the nature of the truth of your existence there.

Through the ongoing messages brought to you on a regular basis, you will relish in the discovery of what can be called a time of NEW BEGINNINGS on your planet. I can tell you that you are at a time like never before as the limitation of eons is lifted at last.

Now before you to embrace is news of importance. We who are working with you, have as our intent to guide you lovingly to the place where you know that you are connected profoundly to the intelligent Source of all life.

As you partake of the bounty which you find here, you can bask in the joy of knowing that your life has meaning beyond what you could ever imagine.

Come here daily! As the messages mount, and as the words ring true to you, you will embark on a journey of relationship. I am with you as you live your life. I am with you and I love you.

"Never alone and never without help for I am with you always."

Randi L. Jacobs