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From ONE Who Loves You

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So That You May Know

    This book has as its purpose to wake you up to the truth of who and what you are. It is not meant to be a source of entertainment, nor a time filler, nor is it meant to propose a set of ideas that will cause dissonance or disruption to you. I am not interested in causing any sort of fear or distress. Indeed, just the opposite! This is a book of love and peace!

This book will open the door to ideas that will ring true to you and which you may never have come across before. They are ideas that have not been emphasized in the traditional religions of the day. We here on the spiritual side, are working through this scribe and many others, to awaken the planet to its Oneness, its Wholeness as Universal Mind, Source, Father/Mother God, Creator, Sustainer, there. Many names can be used for First Cause. God is not separate from His Creation and offers His meaning to All. This meaning is living love, now poorly understood in that it misses the mark on its incredible power of transformation and renewal.

I am Jesus, coming through this woman, and she is one I love and one who has chosen to bring this book and many others to the Earth at this time. Her daily messages, poetry, and books, are all available and freely given to all on her website.


She has committed herself to this work for a lifetime, and will continue until her time there is over. Her reward has not been fame, nor fortune, but in the love she has felt in our relationship. I am there for you, too, dear one. I am there directly within for you, too. I love you dearly, and know that you are never alone.

Foundation for Transformation Washougal, WA

With Love in the Oneness

From One Who Loves You

Randi L. Jacobs

The Listening Scribe

A look at One Woman’s life of transformation

    From ONE Who Loves You With Love in the Oneness Randi L. Jacobs

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