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*Awakening to Oneness

Teachings for Transformation

From ONE Who Loves You

Part I includes 19 teachings of new revelation from ONE who is working to bring the planet into awareness of Oneness with each other and with All That Is. Each one is individual, yet part of the indivisible Wholeness of the Father, the Source expressing.

Each One has a guide assigned specifically to that one with the soul/sole purpose of bringing that one to awareness of his/her connection and to the truth of life lived there.

Part II is a treatise on divorce and divinity. Each one divorced him/herself from the Father and brought the separated mind set into existence. Time is changing and the planet is on the verge of awakening. Now is the time to connect with guidance, and find the Infinitude of which we are all a part ready and available.

*Hard copies are availalbe for cost of shipping while supplies last. Email your request.


Randi L. Jacobs